Hello! I am Andrej Burovski

I'm a huge game programming and development enthusiast who loves to design and develop games.

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What i do

Design + Development

A passionate gameplay and tools programmer who loves to design and develop game-focused applications.


C++, C#, Python, MySql HTML/CSS


Unreal Engine 4, Unity, GameMaker, Pygame, WinForms, Git & Github, Perforce, HacknPlan

My Work Resume

Who I am

Designer & developer

My passion truly lies in game development. I am an independent game developer who enjoys learning, taking on challenges and designing video game systems. I take a lot of joy in being able to continually work on a variety of different projects as it consistently allows me to keep growing and learning. I love being able to design and develop interactive experiences that can be enjoyed globally by a wide-range of different audiences. If I'm not working hard with clients, I'm probably working on a personal project, participating in a game jam, powerlifting or exploring the gorgeous highlands of my local area. I'm always on the lookout for new clients with interesting projects to work on, so if you think that's you, send me an email!

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My work

A selection of my range of work

Unreal engine

Dolly zoom / Vertigo effect

A dolly zoom is an in-camera effect that appears to undermine normal visual perception. The effect is achieved by zooming a zoom lens to adjust the angle of view while the camera dollies toward or away from the subject in such a way as to keep the subject the same size in the frame throughout.


This is a small First-person C++ project. The goal of this game is that every time we shoot an object it shrinks and disappears under a certain threshold hits, when we hit the cubes we get feedback by changing its color. You can check the main functionality written in C++ below

void AFPSProjectile::OnHit(
    UPrimitiveComponent* HitComp, AActor* OtherActor, UPrimitiveComponent* OtherComp, FVector NormalImpulse, const FHitResult& Hit){
    // Only add impulse and destroy projectile if we hit a physics
    if ((OtherActor != NULL) && (OtherActor != this) && (OtherComp != NULL) && OtherComp->IsSimulatingPhysics()){
        OtherComp->AddImpulseAtLocation(GetVelocity() * 100.0f, GetActorLocation());
        FVector _Scale = OtherComp->GetComponentScale();
        // Make it smaller
        _Scale = _Scale * 0.8f;
        if (_Scale.GetMin() < 0.5f){
            // We cant to destry the whole Actor not just the component

        UMaterialInstanceDynamic* _MatInst = OtherComp->CreateAndSetMaterialInstanceDynamic(0);
            // Change the RGB color, stored in a vector
            _MatInst->SetVectorParameterValue("Color", FLinearColor::MakeRandomColor());}}} 

Interacting systems

Interacting system components that can be attached to any actor, apply physics forces to components that are detected through tracing.



CubicLerp between 4 points

private Vector3 QuadraticLerp(Vector3 a, Vector3 b, Vector3 c, float t){
Vector3 ab = Vector3.Lerp(a, b, t);
Vector3 bc = Vector3.Lerp(b, c, t);
return Vector3.Lerp(ab, bc, interpolateAmount);}

private Vector3 CubicLerp(Vector3 a, Vector3 b, Vector3 c, Vector3 d, float t){
Vector3 ab_bc = QuadraticLerp(a, b, c, t);
Vector3 bc_cd = QuadraticLerp(b, c, d, t);
return Vector3.Lerp(ab_bc, bc_cd, interpolateAmount);}

2D RPG adventure

Currently building a 2D RPG-style game, still havent defined most of the functionalities of this game.


A simple Ballz game where every wave you get to lunch one more ball. Every wave is more difficult, try to survive as much time as you can.



Basic version off snake made in python and pygame.

Turtle race

This is a small project where The user picks how many turtles they want to race, and the program will race that many turtles by randomly moving them across the screen.

Pathfinding Visualization

Simple path finding visualizer tool to visualize the a star pathfinding algorithm as it runs. This astar pathfinding algorithm is an informed search algorithm which means it is much more efficient that your standard algorithms like breadth first search or depth first search. You have to specify the start and end point, then draw all the obstacles on the map.



Battleship is a war-themed board game for two players in which the opponents try to guess the location of the other's various ships.The goal of the game is to sink all of the opponent's ships by correctly guessing their location on the grid.

Gamejam Games

Bob in Colorland

I was solo developing this game for the purpose of the gamejam+ competition. The game is about a painter who is collecting colors to paint his way to glory. Each collected color gives you a special ability, for example, blue once gives you access to spawning platforms.


Defector 2D Platformer was made in Unreal Engine with a team of three people. Me as programmer, game designer, and artist. My Programming Responsibilities were to implement the UI and its functionalities, design all the moving scaling and rotating platforms, and implement the system for health.

The Last Kompir

The Last Kompir is a hack and slash survivor game mede in Unreal Engine. You are fighting with waves of vegetable zombies to survive the adventure. I scripted the platforms for dashing and launching the player into the air and also the logic for the waves of enemies.

Shadow's Rune

I'm really proud of this project since the whole level was designed and programmed by me in Unreal Engine. My responsibility was to design the whole level to be scary and implement mechanics for picking all the letters in the level. This game is based on Horror-Puzzle experience about a single father with daughter whom had unexplained twist of events as the daughter dies of unnatural reasons. The father falls in huge depression to find his way out of the protagonist hypnotic possession, as he is being awaken in an alter reality of a dreams including himself being tortured on their happy moments they used to had before.